The Ministry of Transport has issued Decision No. 1753/QD-BGTVT to declare that Thien Loc Thanh Port, Long An Province is permitted to receive international vessel.

Thien Loc Thanh Port is situated on the left bank of Vam Co Dong River, in hamlet 4, Long Son commune, Can Duoc district, Long An province. It has a port land area of 150,229 m² and a port water area of 186m in length along the river and 20m in width. The port is authorized to receive inland watercraft and foreign watercraft with a load capacity of up to 5,000 tons.

Cang Thien Loc Thanh
Thien Loc Thanh Port

Thien Loc Thanh Trading and Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is obliged to adhere to the current regulations on the management of inland waterway port activities during the port operation. It is also responsible for maintaining the signaling system and ensuring the safety of inland waterways in the area of water responsibility; operating the port for the intended purpose, ensuring the safety of inland waterway traffic, environmental protection and security, national defense according to regulations; the port is only allowed to receive foreign watercraft after obtaining a certificate of security for inland waterway ports according to regulations.

The Inland Waterway Port Authority III is in charge of the state management of the specialized sector at the port and the fees and charges according to the law. It bases on the port operation conditions, the actual conditions of the port bridge, the route, the depth limit of the port water area and the relevant legal regulations to allow watercraft to enter and exit the port bridge above to ensure safety, security of inland waterways, fire and explosion prevention and environmental pollution prevention.

With the advantage of having an International Port – Thien Loc Thanh Port in the system near Tay Nam Factory, Tay Nam Steel can easily  transports HRC (Input Materials) and Products at more competitive prices